To begin with dog training, it is not enough that dog belongs to certain breed and has a pedigree, but the dog has to meet very demanding selection criteria. Every dog that we train has to meet our test requirements that give us a picture of the potential practical usage of the certain dog. Besides very precise demands for physical form, our special team is also testing the following: reaction under special conditions, endurance, good temper (harshness), agility, behavior in tracking, curiosity, interest for thrown objects, reaction in traffic, reaction on gun shot, reaction on slippery surfaces, dark rooms and hights, reaction on people and animals, etc. Dogs, candidates for future training, should have positive results on health examination. Only when the dog fulfills all the above requirements we can start with the adequate training.

In our Center we train dogs, along with obedience, for different purposes such as personal protection and guarding of objects and other assets, needs of security companies, various tracking and detection needs. Our dogs are used by many police and military forces in the world.

We apply most advanced and progressive dog, handler and instructor training techniques and methods. We train under all weather conditions and we prepare dogs and handlers for most complex assignments in stressful situation. We have training lessons both during days and nights, on very low and very high temeratures,  in the urban area and in the woods, and on different sea-levels.

Dog training in our RENMAR K9 dog center guarantees successfull use of our dogs in all circumstances.