Dogs for sale...


We sell dogs who satisfy selection test in our RENMAR K9 center, and I am personally, together with my team, testing those dogs. I do not sell dogs that I would not use myself in practical situations. Dogs are required to be healthy, temperament, durable, reliable and courageous.

Over many years of relationship with military and police forces worldwide, we receive very positive feed-back on our dogs, in terms of their practical working performance, and their health condition, as well. We truly care that future instructors and handlers are satisfied with our dogs.

Our team consists of Ministry of Defence licenced dog and handler instructors, with practical experience on the streets; of instructors qualified in our Center, with experience in breeding, pre-training, and training; of associates and volunteers.

Our Center has wide offer of working dogs, for different purposes. Every dog has special qualities. We mostly sell German, Belgian (Malinois) and Dutch Shepherds, German pointers and Labrador retrievers.


Our dogs fulfill all important working and health requirements. As a proof to it, we give following guarantee period for our dogs:


All of our dogs we sell have valid pet passports, with required vaccinations, x-rayed hips, elbows and spine, and health certificate issued by our authorized veterinarian. We guarantee that our dogs do not have health problems. If you, in first 12 months of your ownership of the dog, determine genetically caused health problems, we will replace you a dog free of charge. We keep the right to confirm diagnose by our authorized veterinarian, before replacement of the dog. 


If not specified otherwise, for all our dogs we give 21-day work guarantee. If in this period dog does not show working performance you have requested, please let us know, and we will replace you a dog.


Detailed information is available on the phone, e-mail, or over the web-contact-form.