We breed German and Belgian (Malinois) shepherds.


Because we do not sell a certain number of our puppies and keep them for our purposes, our breeding is based on working lines with the accent on psycho-physical quality of dogs, and their health.Although we have achieved good show results in the past, today's main goal of our breeding is to breed healthy and useful dog, with the priority on the needs of our Center.

We pay very high attention to puppies, and start to expose them to different simulation at very early stage of their lives, which help us in further selection for testings and work.

All of our puppies for sales are regularly vaccinated, have regular pedigree, and are properly nourished. For all purchased puppies from our kennel, we offer necessary advices through their growth, possibility of veterinary services, possibility of training services, possibility of dog equipment supplement, and possibility of pansion. For all purchased puppies we give guarantee.