All our dogs for sale have a high quality genetic range. Females and males from the breeding program are carefully chosen and tested to satisfy you as a purchaser and us as breeders.

All of our dogs for sale are tested in our Center, with the hips and elbows x-rayed. They are in excellent condition in all segments, and are trained to easily fulfill your needs and requirements.

We guarantee that our dogs are healthy, regulary vaccinated, and that both them and their parents do not have any genetical or other health problems, and that description of each dog shows its real condition.

Each dog has its own file made during testings, as well as a video records made during testings and work with dog. We guarantee the recorded dog with the file is the dog we sell and is not switched with any other dog before its selling.

If the dog you purchase does not fulfill our description, we will replace the dog with the other one, as soon as Centar will have one. This decision is 100% purchaser's one, and is valid only if the dog to be replaced is the same psyco-physical conditions as it was befor purchasing. When replacing the dog, all original papers that belong to the dog to be replaced must be returned. Center will point the replacment dog, which is considered to be of the same quality as the previous one.


Dog will not be replaced in case it was used for breeding, if it is sterilised or castrated, if was sold to the third person, or has suffered any health problems or injuries.


- The end -