Buying dogs...

RENMAR K9 dog center has simple way of testing the dogs and we pay good price to their owners. Through the whole year we buy  German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds (Malinois), Dutch Shepherds and mix of those shepherds; Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, German Wirehaired and Shorthaired Pointers, Hungarian Vizslas and Weimaraners, age from 10 to 30 months, and who can pass our test.

Dogs, who their owners apply for test, should fulfill following requirements:

- to have international vaccination certificate (rabies, diseases), min. 30 days before the test

- to be with their owner, or have power of attorney of the owner

- to have statement written by their owners, that in the last 10 days dogs have not bitten, or in any other way injured human being.


During the test we check dog's interest for bringing and searching of various objects (rubber ball, plastic or metal pipe), we check dog's reaction on gun shooting, dog's socialization (in the building, on slippery floors, in urban area), and for dogs who are tested for bite work, we check their bite on the sleeve and biting suit.

RENMAR K9 dog center is continuously looking for dogs who are pre-trained or fully trained (certified).

Dogs who meet our test criteria, will be hips, elbows and spine x-rayed, and will be examined by veterinarian appointed by Center.

After the purchase of the dog, our instructors will continue training with dog, in order to prepare valuable dog who will meet high working criteria of our clients. Detailed information is available on the phone, e-mail, or over the web-contact-form.